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Golf Is My Passion and My Profession
Getting You To Play Better Is My Commitment

At SweetSwingGolf.com,  mission is and always will be to pride in getting our students results.  Our goal is to get positive results in a relatively short period of time.  When you take a golf lesson 45 or 60 minutes, he or she should see definite results within those sessions.   This does not mean a finished and polished swing can be obtained with that short time, but the student should see results.

With Everything Fits we now bring to you Yoga and Golf.  My journey hasn't been long in this industry, playing, teaching and coaching has been a job well done.  But, with all the playing and coaching as well as teaching it has taken a toll on my body.

Now I have implemented Yoga into my golfing and it has been a blessing on my Mind, Body and Soul.  I wish I had taken Yoga during my days of playing other sports. So I will bring you the Best of the Best in Yoga and Golf. Join Sweet Swing Golf and Everything Fits as we bring you Better Golf, Greater Strength and a Healthy Mind.

Charles Jenkins has a dream of playing 
some of the best golf of his life, 
sometimes you have to 
Be Careful What You Pray For.

What did you say?


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