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Michael Hughes
GAA Certified
Director of Golf Instruction

The golf professionals at the academy taught  me how to be a better golfer. They showed me how to properly teach the golf swing, to understand the golf swing and how to perform a proper golf swing. 

I have taught over 10,000 golf lessons, the goal for me when you come to SweetSwingGolf is to teach each student the proper golf swing. 

You need to know what you physical capabilities are or let's say your athletic abilities are to swing a golf club.  You need to know why the ball is doing what it is doing when you swing your club.  

Each individual will have a different approach to a golf swing, my job is to get you to understand what you are capable of doing with your swing.  

I've worked hard to learn how to teach the proper golf swing. I want you to know that I do whatever is in my power to get you a Sweet Swing.

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